COVID-19 News - 06/21/2021 UPDATE

COVID-19 News - 06/21/2021 UPDATE

June 21, 2021 - Rolling with the opening

We are making masks optional at the shop for customers and our staff. We are continuing our stringent sanitary precautions for all rental boats and boards, paddles and PFDs including the life jackets that are part of the City of Boise Parks and Recreation - St. Luke's loaner program (click here for more). 

We hope everyone will keep safety on and off the water in the forefront this summer and all year long! Let's go paddling! 

May 16, 2021 - Let's get vaccinated for everyone!

In response to last week’s announcements from the CDC and City of Boise, and the reality of the lag in vaccination rates in Idaho, here’s a quick update on our in-store shopping policies.

  • Masks will still be strongly recommended for all while inside the store regardless of vaccination status.
  • While visiting the rental area or outside, our staff will continue to wear masks but we won't require visitors outside to wear masks.
  • We are still limiting inside capacity and requiring customers to social distance while shopping.

Until we are comfortable with the vaccination rates in Idaho, these requirements will remain in place to protect our customers and staff. Thank you! 

April 30, 2021 - Is that light I see? 

We're happy to announce our staff is almost completely vaccinated. This, and the community response to COVID-19 has allowed the City of Boise to drop the mask mandate for outdoor activities. We will continue to request masks inside and around the shop as much s possible. Please help us work toward returning to normal this Spring so we can all enjoy a beautiful, more normal Idaho Summer. Thanks you.     

March 12, 2021 - Getting there. 

As more and more of us become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine it's natural to start feeling a sense of relief. For those of us in the retail and service business sector it may still be quite a while before we get our "Fauci ouchie" shots. While we wait and hope, we'll keep doing our best to disinfect, test and provide our staff and customers with the support they want to be safe going into the 2021 season. Thank you for your ongoing patience!   

February 16, 2021

Happy New Year! We are feeling pretty positive about the new year and the fact vaccines are being put into people's arms at long last. While we wait to find out what we will need in terms of her immunity and for our teammates to be vaccinated, we'll continue to take precautions and maintain our high standards for cleanliness. For more about where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine in Idaho click here. #vacinnatethe208    

December 2, 2020 Update - COVID-19 Closure

Idaho River Sports will be closed for cleaning after one of the team tested positive for COVID-19. Jo expects the shop to reopen on Friday. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience. If you have an immediate need, call the shop at (208) 336-4844 and leave a message or email us at We will be monitoring both contact channels. 

November 20, 2020 Update - COVID-19 Enforcement

It has been difficult for our customers and staff to meet all of the COVID-19 protocols. Nonetheless, the rate of infection has spiraled out of control in Boise. We've done our very best to sanitize, disinfect, wear and provide masks, quarantine clothing, and provide extra measure for our team and customers to be safe voluntarily while inside Idaho River Sports. Now, as of Monday, November 23, 2020 the City of Boise will begin enforcing the mask and social distancing mandate and has given residents a stronger voice in flagging businesses that refuse to follow public health orders. To support businesses and residents, the mayor has issued Emergency Public Health Order 20-13. All of our visitors must wear a mask at Idaho River Sports unless you're outdoors and social distancing. Thank you for your help. 

November 16, 2020 Update - Back to Stage 2

The rollback to Stage 2 in Idaho only slightly affects the shop. Our Stage 3 precautions and limiting gathers inside the shop are sufficient going forward for now. Please wear a mask and check out the virtual and outdoor events like Cranksgiving, #OptoutsideID on Black Friday and others coming up during the holidays and beyond. Thanks!    

October 30, 2020 Update - Precautions

Even though Ada County has been on hold in Stage 3 since July, we want to avoid going back to Stage 2 as the current surge in COVID-19 cases worsens. Our precautions are designed to protect our customers, staff and everyone's families. 

  • We continue to ask staff and customers to wash or disinfect hands whenever entering the store or rental areas.
  • We require our staff to wear masks at all times, inside our outside.
  • Customers and visitors are required to wear masks as mandated by CDH and the City. We will have masks available as much as possible and have face coverings for sale.
  • 5 customers at a time will be allowed in the store.
  • All rentals, demos and display products are disinfected after use.
  • Social distancing is strongly encouraged.
  • We quarantine clothing and other items that can't be disinfected with a bleach solution.
  • Curbside/outside pickup and free 20 mile radius delivery continues and is available on request by calling the store at (208) 336-4844.

Your cooperation is needed again to help our community flatten the curve, to stay open and in business. Let's work together to beat this thing. Thanks. 

October 12, 2020

We have rolled back our hours for Fall and are continuing to follow our COVID-19 precautions as Ada County is regretfully seeing a new surge in cases. We hope we can remain in Stage 3 of restrictions and hope everyone will join us in taking every precaution to slow the curve.

September 11, 2020 (we remember)

We're preparing for our Fall paddling season with great expectations for the shop and our community. While restrictions remain in place, some of our local business partners and nonprofits will soon be able to get back into action a little more than they've been able to the past several months. We are also rolling back our hours to match the change in seasons and earlier sunsets. The new Fall hours are Monday thru Friday 10AM - 7PM and Saturday & Sunday 9AM - 6PM. 

August 20, 2020 Update

Knock on wood, we've made it through the past month without a COVID-19 flare up! Normally the season would be beginning to wind down, but this year is unlike any year in recent memory. Kids aren't necessarily heading back to school and many parents continue to work from home. And, while our hours are shortening (we're closing at 8PM now), we are also getting more requests for Fall paddling options and group experiences. We will continue to maintain our great team through the Fall as long as people want to get outside.

If you are interested in adult classes. more kid's classes, a group experience or other programs that are in keeping with our #RecreateResponsibly programs, please email us at and include "Fall Experience" in the subject line.      

July 16, 2020 Update

We're excited to report as of last week we've received test results for all members of our great team and everyone has tested negative. We reopened on Friday, July 10, 2020 with regular Summer hours of 9am - 9pm and have been hard work ever since. We'd like to give all of our team a shout out for their dedication and cooperation. 

Our goal is to be as transparent as possible with our team, customers, vendors and partners throughout the COVID-19 fight. That includes when one of our team members tests positive. We were alerted by one of our summer employees that this was the case for them. Here's an outline of our response and measures we are taking going forward starting Friday, July 10, 2020 when we reopen.

1. The first actions included closing the doors to the public and suspending our hourly rental operations. We started calling everyone with long term rentals and orders to make arrangements to get them taken care of. This is ongoing. We also called Central District Health for guidance on how to proceed.

2. We checked with the team member who tested positive to see if they had symptoms while they were either at work or within 48 hours after leaving work.

3. Although the staff member did not appear to have symptoms of COVID-19 at work and we weren't required to notify staff, we started the process anyway while respecting their privacy. We determined the last day that the person with COVID-19 was at the workplace was July 5, 2020.

We began contact tracing and, out of an abundance of caution, arranged to have all of our team members tested even if they didn't come into "close contact" with the team member. As of the time of writing this update, all team member tests have come back negative. We expect all remaining tests results to be in by today, July 9, 2020.

FYI - close contact is defined as being within 6 feet for more than 10 minutes while the person with COVID-19 was not wearing a facemask, or having direct contact with their body fluids or secretions while they were not wearing a face mask, gown, and gloves. Close contact also includes people who live with, take care of, or are taken care of by the person with COVID-19.

3. We have cleaned and disinfected the shop and warehouses thoroughly including:

  • Opened outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the area.
  • Cleaned and disinfected all areas used by the staff member, such as offices, bathrooms, common areas, shared electronic equipment like tablets, touch screens, keyboards, and remote controls.
  • Disinfected all frequently touched surfaces including door knobs, tabletops, counters, phones, keyboards, and fixtures.

4. The team member who tested positive has been isolated at home. They must stay home and can't come to work until strict requirements are met. 

Moving Forward

While Ada County continues to be in Stage 3, there is a possibility the city an county may go back to Stage 2 as the surge in COVID-19 cases continues. We will be implementing stricter precautions to protect our customers, staff and their families as of our reopening on Friday, July 10, 2020.

  • We will continue to ask staff and customers to wash or disinfect hands whenever entering the store or rental areas.
  • We require our staff to wear masks at all times, inside our outside.
  • Customers and visitors will be required to wear masks. We will have masks available as possible.
  • The number of customers allowed in the store will be limited.
  • All rentals, demos and display products will be disinfected after customer uses.
  • We will require social distancing while people are waiting in line.
  • We will continue to quarantine clothing and other items that can't be disinfected with a bleach solution.
  • Curbside/outside pickup will continue and is available on request.

Our priority is the safety of our customers, vendors and team members. Your cooperation is needed to help us flatten the curve once again, to stay open and in business. Thank you.

July 6, 2020

Sorry to report we've had an IRS team member test positive for Coronavirus and we are closed. We plan on reopening on Friday, earlier If possible. We will continue to answer the phones, meet customers with reservations and do curbside delivery but with increased sanitation conditions and requirements. 

The good news is all of our team members are required to wear face masks and required to use CDC recommended hygiene while working shifts. In addition, our rental team works with disinfectants every day and are generally squeaky clean! This team member had limited contact with the public on the days worked.  

We feel we must follow CDC guidelines out of an abundance of caution and close for deep cleaning through Friday morning. We are also allowing any team to be tested or quarantine if they feel they were in contact with this individual or anyone else who is at risk or exposure.. Thank you for your patience,  

July 4, 2020 Update

We are now requiring face masks per the City of Boise's new public health order. Bring your own or we have some we can give you while you're in the store. Please continue to social distance and practice good hygiene when in the park or on the pond. The measure we've put in place will help keep our customers, friends and staff healthy and safe. And, we want to remain open to the public if possible and slowing the spread of COVID-19 is a must. 

As always we continue to monitor the affects of COVID-19 on our paddlesports and surfing communities.  

June 5, 2020 Update

We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and are encouraging visitors and staff to take all necessary precautions. While all Phase 2 precautions remain in effect, we're working on ways to restart activities like SUP and kayak classes following CDC and American Canoe Association guidance. We have now restarted Sunday SUP Yoga classes and will be launching Intro to SUP and Intro to Kayaking classes soon.

For more from our friends at ACA click here. For details about venues like water playgrounds from the CDC click here. And thanks again for your support! 

May 26, 2020 Update

Phase 2 is in progress and we're anticipating growing crowds as the weather improves. Please be aware precautions from Phase 1 are still in effect during Phase 2 including social distancing, face covers, hand washing, etc. We will continue to take every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. For more on our rental program click here.

Original Phase 1 Post from May 4, 2020

As Idaho begins a new phase for how we're dealing with COVID-19, here are some of the things we're doing at Idaho River Sports to help keep our community safe during phase one.

For everyone's health and safety we are only allowing a limited number of people at a time into the store at any given time. We will do our best to help you be comfortable while you wait to be assisted one-on-one (when possible) by our great team and depending on staff availability.

We are now open 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm for your convenience with the following cautions and safety actions. Our goal is to keep all of us safe while we serve your paddling needs:

  • We are asking that everyone please wear a mask or face covering. We will be providing them sometime the second week of May. 
  • We are providing hand sanitizer and gloves for your use when requested.
  • We are voluntarily "quarantining" clothing, PFDs, helmet, footwear, etc. after it has been handled or tried on.
  • We are disinfecting boats, boards, PFDs and paddles according to CDC and Coast Guard COVID-19 recommendations. 

NOTEClick here for complete tips for disinfecting life jackets.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions to help us all remain comfortable and safe during these trying times. Please remember to recreate responsibly and continue to do what's needed to help us beat Coronavirus.

Idaho's steps for recreating responsibly -- click here.

Here are some of our suggestions for park users and visitors.

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