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Idaho's MTI Fit Store

MTI offers so many choices and so many different fits. Wouldn’t it be great if you could visit a store to try the jackets that you are searching for on the MTI website?

MTI groups their products into “Collections” to help narrow the choices.

  • Are you a standup paddler? We recommend 3 Inflatable models and two foam vest models.
  • Got a gaggle of kids? MTI has six models, one for infants and five for kids between 30 to 90 lbs.
  • Kayak Fishing fanatic? How does the Calcutta compare to the Solaris F SPEC or Fisher?
  • And what about a yoke style Inflatable? How would that feel?

You can look at an item online till your eyes go blurry…if only you could try them on!

Idaho River Sports has partnered with MTI to offer you more hands-on choice when it comes to selecting a life jacket.  As an MTI Fit Store Dealer we're committed to stocking an entire collection so that when you visit you can find the PFD models you want to try. If we don’t have the one you've fall-in-love-with on hand we'll order it from MTI immediately and ship the vest to the store for pickup, or directly to your house. 

Just one more way we're doing our best to give you the best possible experience possible!



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