Our Team: Pam Tucker

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Our Team: Pam Tucker

Our rental team leader Pam Tucker has had plenty of experience chasing. At 5 she started shredding ski race courses. At 11 she started mowing lawns to contribute to skiing. She went on to compete at Northern Division J.O.’s - the equivalent of Intermountain Division Western Regionals - two or three times.

Pam finished college with a bunch of medals, a teaching license in K-12 Physical Education and Health, and a desire to share the stoke of powder days and skiing fast. She continued coaching and moved up the ranks to Division FIS coach.

Even though her sister Bridget talked her into moving to Boise in 2008, Pam returned to Montana every winter for 4 more years. She spent 7 days a week in her ski boots coaching or working ski patrol. Closing day meant a return to Boise to promote the summer sports she loves here at Idaho River Sports. 

In 2012 she joined BBSEF as the U14 Head Coach. She followed that up with two seasons as the U16 Head Coach and has been the Alpine Head Coach ever since. This year she was named the 2018 Michael B. Young Award Winner. 


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