Spring Paddling - Inflatable SUP Board Prep

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Spring Paddling - Inflatable SUP Board Prep

Article courtesy of our friends at Glide SUP!

Even tough it's Winter, the days are getting increasingly longer and the sun a bit higher in the sky every day. If you’re a paddler, now is the time to start planning trips, checking CFS levels and ensuring your equipment is ready for adventure. Whether you already own your SUP and equipment or are just putting your quiver together, we'e here to offer some advice for when you’re ready to get back on the water.

Board Prep:

If you already own a SUP than hopefully you have stored it in a safe, dark and dry place for the winter. Now is the time to get your board out and give it an inspection. If it is an inflatable, let’s start by pumping it up. If it’s a hard board, let’s find a well lit place to give a full inspection.

Take time to check for any damage you may not have noticed before you stored it for winter. Make sure there are no holes leaking to the core of the board or letting pressure out of the inflatable. If you do find some damage, be sure to clean and patch the areas according to manufacturers’ recommendations.

For a Glide or many other hard board, be sure to remove the Gore-Tex vent plug and give it a cleaning to ensure that there is no leftover sand or silt to clog the venting capabilities of the plug. Re-install with a simple socket and let your board breathe again.

If you’ve noticed some fading of the deck pad from UV sunrays and would like to bring out the color, simply use a high-grit sanding block to make the color pop again. Non-slip, EVA, full length deck pads are die-cut and a light sanding will uncover the vibrancy of color season after season.

Another easy upgrade to be done before paddle season is in full swing is to replace the bungee cord. After a few season it may lose its elasticity, but for a few cents a foot, some new para-cord will help keep your personal belongings safely attached to your SUP. We have many types of cords and lines always in stock. 

Now that your board is ready, don’t forget to inspect your accessories. Make sure your PFD and leash are all in working order and that your paddle shaft and blade are still intact.

Now all that’s left is to watch the weather like a hawk and find the earliest opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and get back into paddling shape.

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