Kayak Fishing: Over a decade in

Kayak Fishing: Over a decade in

Over the past 10 years, give or take a couple of years, kayak fishing has become more and more popular in and around Idaho. Back in the day when we'd show up at a ramp with a boat, usually made by Hobie, put a crate in the rear well, fishing rods in rod holders, throw on a PFD and paddle out, we'd attract a crowd. Folks not used to seeing fishing kayaks wanted to know what they were about and would start asking questions about the set up and how things worked.

Check out our friend Pete Zimowsky putting a Hobie Fishing kayak through its paces on Quinn's Pond next to the shop.

Fast forward a decade and things have changed a lot. There are tons of great lines of boats, paddles and kayak fishing specific PFDs like those from our friends at NRS Fishing... yup, Idaho's NRS is big into fishing.

And we're on board supporting groups like Kayak Fishing Northwest and their first of their kind fishing tournaments held all over Idaho, Oregon and Washington. For 2022 Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing will have 19 live events and 6 online events to make sure anyone who wants to participate will have the opportunity to compete.

2022 Possible Idaho Kayak Bass Fishing Sites

Fernan Lake (N. Idaho)
Lake Coeur D'Alene
Cascade Reservoir
Twin Lakes
Lake Pend Oreille
Swan Falls (Snake River)
CJ Strike Reservoir
Dworshak Reservoir
Brownlee Reservoir
Owyhee Reservoir
Black Canyon Reservoir

For more information visit www.kayakfishingidaho.com or you can always call or come to the shop for more about this new, exciting and family-friendly sport!

See you on the water!




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