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January is fishing kick off month at Idaho River Sports. New arrivals, fishing events, clinics and more coming your way all month long.

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Kayak Fishing Idaho is an Idaho based kayak fishing tournament trail with 10 events planned for 2017. The events kickoff in March at Swan Falls Reservoir. The tournament will be a series with points earned toward the final event of the season - the Angler of the Year (AOY) Invitational. There will be cash prizes, swag and a raffle at each event for KFI members. Update 07/20/17 the AOY Invitational date has been set - October 21! Angler of the Year Celebration & Awards * * * RSVP REQUIRED * * *  The Kayak Fishing Idaho Championship tourney at Swan Falls and Angler...

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We can't agree more with our Idaho River Sports Hobie Kayak Fishing team when they say, "there’s nothing better then a day on the water." And the new Kayak Fishing Idaho group on Facebook and online at www.kayakfishingidaho.com really is about having fun and being competitive on the water. The KFI tournament series is about bringing people together to get out and enjoying the fastest growing fishing activity in America. We hope everyone who is interested in kayak fishing will join and fish the new KFI tournament series. Photo at Esther Simplot Park with Ryan Palmer, Dave Neal, Jeremy Miller &...

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