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Paddle Ready App from ACA

Paddle Ready is a new ACA app designed for paddlers who want to maximize their fun and safety on the water.

Free on the App Store and Google Play.

The Paddle Ready app allows you to:

  • Complete a float plan and email it to your friends
  • Find an ACA Instructor near you
  • Get real-time river forecasting (surf and tidal coming soon)
  • Get general weather forecasting
  • Search for organizations and offices in your state
  • Have Paddle Safety Checklists for various paddling environments
  • Use safety and rescue how-to videos

    And much, much more...

    We hope you enjoy this new app as much as we enjoyed making it! Feedback is always welcome. ACA looks forward to expanding and improving Paddle Ready, so please don't hesitate to tell ACA how you think it can be made even better!

    To learn more, please visit