Introducing Feelfree Kayaks

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Introducing Feelfree Kayaks

It doesn’t take long to notice what sets Feelfree apart - with dynamic color combinations and unique hull designs to innovative functions and features, Feelfree is consistently redefining the future of paddlesports.


Feelfree has in fact redefined paddlesports with unique hull designs , advanced seating systems,  integrated pedal and power systems and everything in between. These innovations weren’t developed overnight. It’s all a result of our attention to customer feedback combined with over 30 years of design and development experience, complemented by quality craftsmanship. The modern evolution of kayak design has just begun and Feelfree is on the frontline.


When you first step onto the deck of a Feelfree Kayak and sit down, you'll immediately notice the Feelfree difference. Every kayak is meticulously designed from the bottom up to offer the stability paddlers expect complemented by reinforced standing platforms. Whether you sit, stand up or lean over you'll have peace of mind so you can focus on fishing and having fun.


Feelfree kayaks are built for fun but even more so for the passion of adventure resulting in long days on the water. Recognizing this, Feelfree has made it a priority to offer best in class comfort features such as multi-level position seats that double as camp chairs, wide open deck spaces and smooth ergonomic latches and handles. Feelfree makes it easy for you to fulfill your adventurous spirit - all day long.    

Customer Service

Idaho River Sports is committed to rounding up paddling experience with our local, knowledgeable customer service team. We're not just hired guns reading Q&A scripts from a book, we come with years of paddlesports experience and are experts at everything Idaho padding. When you have a question our crew of mighty customer service teammates are ready, willing and happy to help you.

Seastream Kayaks

Seastream Kayaks are designed for the dedicated angler who’s looking for the most out of their kayaking fishing experience to those seeking a break in the barrier of entry without sacrificing innovation, quality and features. Check out the Seastream Openwater and Angler 120 by clicking here.