RAM Transducer Arm Mount - 18" Long

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Kayak fishing is all about adaptability. This RAM mount offers a deployable fishfinder transducer arm that lets you quickly deploy and retrieve your transducer, while protecting it from damage.
  • The 18" rigid aluminum rod can be bent to position your transducer to its optimum viewing location.
  • Patented socket technology allows for quick raising, lowering, removal and stowage of the transducer arm.
  • The high-strength composite mounting base is 2" x 2.5", with a hole pattern of 1.5" x 2". Fasten it to any flat horizontal or vertical surface.
  • The transducer arm can quickly be retrieved if you enter shallow water or when beaching your kayak. The unique design provides a universal solution for virtually any kayak as well as any transducer.
  • The end of the arm has a 1/4" threaded stud for attaching the transducer.
  • The transducer is not included.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA