Astral Men's Rassler Water Shoe

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  • $ 119.95

Astral designed the Rassler Watershoe for serious boaters who depend on their feet to get them into rugged streams where the action is. Enhanced foot support, reinforced wear areas and draining uppers make this one sweet paddling bootie.
  • Minimalist construction keeps this Astral water shoe light and nimble on the rocks and in the woods.

  • Ankle-high support protects you on those burly portages.

  • Lightweight Cordura® upper ensures long-term durability.

  • Air Mesh in the ankle and tongue improves drying and cooling.

  • The Balanced Geometry midsole places the heel and ball of the foot on the same level for best balance in unpredictable terrain.

  • Rockered toe enhances footing on rocky paths.

  • The renowned stickiness of the G.SS™ rubber outsole ensures you'll still be standing when things get slippery.

  • Drainage ports in the sidewall and heel rapidly shed water and debris.