Pyranha Jed Freestyle Kayak Playboat

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The Jed isn't like the others; it's longer than its competitors, which allows for a more fluid distribution of volume and comparatively slicy ends for easier trick initiation. Extra length also makes the Jed faster on a wave and smoother on end in a hole.

A unique 'V-Chine' in the hull at the stern frees up the back end for spins and edge transitions while surfing, and also adds to the dynamic speed on a wave. Smooth transition of volume to the core of the boat produces some incredible pop in a hole and the deceptively smooth lines over all give an obscenely fast and aggressive ride on any wave.

Pyranha Jed Freestyle Kayak Playboat Features

  • Full Progressive Rocker
  • V Hull In The Stern
  • Super Slicy Bow and Stern
  • Core Volume Distribution
  • Overthruster
  • Connect Safety Bar
  • Anodised Bow & Stern Rescue
  • Connect Grab Handles
  • C4S Seat

Pyranha Jed Freestyle Kayak Playboat Specifications

S: 5'9" M: 5'11" L: 6'1"
S: 24.7" M: 25.5" L: 26.5"
External Cockpit Length:
S: 34" M: 34" L: 34"
External Cockpit Width
S: 18.7" M: 18.75" L: 18.7"
S: 178 L M: 208 L: 235 L
Hatch Volume
S: 30lbs M: 32lbs L: 33lbs
Optimum Paddler Weight:
S: 88 - 154 lbs M: 121 - 198 lbs L: 176 - 243 lbs

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