Aquapac Waterproof DSLR Camera Case - 458

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You want to be a professional wildlife photographer but you don't want to risk dropping your precious camera in the water. The Aquapac DSLR Camera Case - 458 is the perfect solution.
  • Top-notch photo quality through the optically-clear acrylic lens window.
  • 100% waterproof to 15ft/5m (dust and sand proof too).
  • An air tight seal means your camera should float safely if dropped in water. Be certain by testing in a sink before heading to open waters.
  • Designed to fit most SLR cameras with standard-sized lenses.
  • Size: 5.75"L x 7.8"H + 4"L lens length x 3.2" diameter end. See the Sizing tab for a diagram.
  • All Aquapac waterproof cases are PVC-Free. They're made from Polyurethane (PU) - 100% recyclable, thinner, stays flexible when it's cold, easier to operate equipment inside the cases.