Badfish SK8 5'0 HV River Surf Board

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The ultimate river surfing board; short, but with enough volume to rip even the smallest waves. It’s unique shape has plenty of volume in the nose to allow you to stay on the wave without purling. With a nod to our roots as skaters, the SK8 has a concave deck and traction all the way to the nose to keep the board connected to your feet. The 5'0" HV is 55 liters and sized for larger riders looking for additional volume to rip tight, fast waves. The 5'0 HV has a unique drop rail around the tail to make the board rip like a shortboard and float like a larger board.

The SK8 is built with a traditional epoxy surfboard layup, the same layup we use to build custom boards for our pro riders. .This board is built for performance over durability. If durability is a priority, please consider an inflatable board. There is no warranty on the SK8 once it has been on the water.

// Dimensions: 5' 0" x 23" x 3.5" (55 liters)
// Board Weight:14lbs
// Construction: EPS/Fiberglass Construction

// Removable Tri-Fin (2 Tab)

// Full Deck EVA Traction
// Gore-Tex® Vented Carrying Handle
// High Volume For River Surfing Performance