Blue Marine New Magic Inflatable Boat Cleaner

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Blue Marine New Magic Boat Cleaner restores inflatable PVC and rubber boats by removing dirt, grime, old waxes and silicone.
  • New Magic removes any kind of dirt, grime, stains, old waxes and silicones making it ideal for preparing the surface of inflatable boats before any repairs or permanent gluing.
  • Also restores the original color of rubber or PVC that has been previously damaged by UV rays and salt.
  • To use, spray New Magic onto surface, wipe with a soft brush or sponge, then rinse and dry.
  • For new, not very dirty, or frequently washed boats, dilute the New Magic with water. 1:1 ratio recommended.
  • For a better result, follow New Magic with a protective wax like Blue Marine Gumemp 100 (item #: 38760.01).