Cataract Carbon Razor Oar Blade with Edge Protector - 7"

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Sharpen your oar setup with the Cataract™ Razor Oar Blade. With a carbon fiber skin, urethane edge guard and strengthened urethane core, this lightweight blade is as tough as it is sleek.
  • Its quiet entry into the water makes the Razor especially popular with fishermen.

  • The carbon fiber skin is rated for sharp impacts, reducing overall cracking and chipping.

  • The urethane edge protector wraps around the perimeter to guard against nicks, chips and "shark bites."

  • Dynel edging molded into the blade further reinforces the edges.

  • A strong but lightweight urethane core backs the carbon fiber skin.

  • The Cataract Razor Blade weighs just over 2.5 lbs., helping reduce rower fatigue.