Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blade

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The Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blade puts more blade surface in the water when the water gets shallow. The asymmetrical shape is especially popular with fishermen maneuvering in late-season streams, when water is low but the fish still bite.
  • The more oar blade surface area that's submerged allows for maximum propulsion in low water conditions. Better control without those short, choppy strokes.

  • Molded with high-density structural urethane, the Cutthroat can take the beating if you do clip the rocky bottom.

  • Like all Cataract blades, the Cutthroat floats!

  • The grooved blade insert helps prevent grit buildup inside the oar shaft and makes removal easy.

  • The convenient push button locks the blade in the shaft and allows quick, no-tool interchangeability.