Cataract Mini Magnum Oar Blade

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  • $ 54.95

Cataract has made a Mini version of the popular Magnum Blade for their Kick Boat Oar Shafts. Same great bomber quality, in a great size for smaller craft.
  • The 7" wide, 19 1/2" long blade moves a lot of water with each stroke.
  • High-density polyurethane with a composite core creates a rugged blade that will give many years of service.
  • The spline that goes inside the oar shaft is grooved to prevent silt build-up that can make it difficult to remove the blade.
  • There's an o-ring on the spline that seals the blade to shaft for maximum buoyancy if your oar goes for an unplanned swim.
  • The blade itself floats so it will bob to the surface when you let go of the oar handle.
  • Spring-loaded button securely locks the blade in the Cataract Kick Boat Oar Shaft.