Cataract X-Wound Oar Shaft

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  • $ 188.95

The Cataract X-Wound Oar Shaft has the same great durability and natural flex as the SGG shaft, while being lighter in weight to reduce rowing fatigue.
  • Blades Sold Separately. Shaft lengths are listed here as including the blade. Please see the Specs Tab for ACTUAL shaft lengths.

  • Each shaft is 1/2 pound lighter than a Cataract SGG shaft.

  • This weight savings really adds up to less muscle strain when you're swinging those oars on a long river stretch.

  • The oars have an all carbon-fiber layer on the outside, so they are only available in black.

  • Like the SGG oar shaft, the X-Wound flexes and rebounds like wood without the weight or need for maintenance.

  • Cataract, Carlisle and 1 5/8" shank Sawyer blades fit in these shafts.

  • Blades are sold separately so that you can choose the width and brand that best suits your needs. The removable blades also permit easy storage and transport.

  • Shaft lengths are listed as the final length, which will include the approximately 27" long blade you choose (sold separately). For a list of ACTUAL shaft lengths, please click on the Specs tab.