Cooler Shelf - Closeout

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Who hasn't had food ruined when it got soaked in the melt-water mank in the bottom of the cooler? Prevent that from happening by installing the Cooler Shelf. Keeps food up on top, easily accessible and dry.
  • Cooler Shelves come in three sizes to fit coolers from 30 to 170 quart capacity.

  • Small size adjusts for 30-50 quart coolers, Medium for 50-100 quart and Large for 100-170 quart.

  • The durable nylon-mesh shelf keeps that sandwich dry, or separates your bait from the stuff you want to eat!

  • Shelf supports install in less than a minute, secured with industrial-strength Velcro® that will remain fastened when exposed to heat and water.

  • The mesh shelf is easily removable for cleaning.

  • It quickly pays for itself with the food you save. You'll wonder how you lived without it.