ENO Slap Strap Hammock Suspension

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The ENO Slap Strap™ Hammock Suspension System is a strong, tree-friendly way to support your ENO hammock. Set up and take down in a flash.
  • The Slap Strap makes it easy to hang your hammock just about anywhere - in your campsite, on the deck or backyard.
  • Find two trees or sturdy objects 10 - 20 feet apart and the Slap Strap makes hammock set up and take down quick and easy.
  • Wrap the Slap Strap around your anchor point and pass the end through the large end loop. The 5 webbing loops along the length of the strap give you excellent adjustability.
  • Weight is 5 oz. and the 1" wide webbing is 7' 8" long.