FunShui All Around Paddleboard

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FunShui All Around Paddleboard

Jason Zawadzki and Team

There is something about this board design that just feels right.  A blend of good looks and fun. 

At 11'2" the FunShui has been designed to be a bit longer, faster and more fun to paddle than your typical recreational board. The length to width ratio, long waterlines, rail and rocker design all combine to allow for exceptional performance, a lot of stability and paddling efficiency.

Great for the family board, SUP Yoga and paddleboard fitness and CrossFit.  Designed for efficient paddling as well as extreme stability. 

This board comes in two different sizes. The FunShui X is 34" wide and provides the most stability. The FunShui Flow is 32" wide, which may be better suited for either a smaller rider or a rider (up to 230lbs) who prefers a board that leans a little more towards paddling efficiency over maximum stability.  

Armalight™ construction will protect your investment and ensure that you'll have the best built and best-looking board for years to come, even if your kids decide to play bumper boats or chase ducks into rocks (it happens!!).

  • Vent/Handle System: Carbon Fiber Handle and Self-Regulating Gore-Tex Vent
  • Traction: Extra Soft-Diamond Pattern EVA
  • Construction: Hand Built by us, right here. Proprietary Armalight™ Composite Construction with a Fused-cell EPS Foam Core. 
  • Bungee tie-downs, for gear, at the front of the board.
  • Our signature Matte finish with brushed black/white Armalight.



32" (Flow) or 34" (X)

220 / 245L

WEIGHT LIMIT/ 240lbs / 275lbs