Guide to Idaho Paddling

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Finally a book for the rest of us! There are plenty of books on Idaho rivers for advanced whitewater river runners, but this book, covering nearly 100 different river segments, is one that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Katherine Daly and Ron Watters were the perfect team to do this book. Experienced river runners and outdoor writers, they put a lot of loving care into this book. The maps are works of art: accurate, understandable and usable on the river. To make the book easy-to-use, they supplemented the text with symbols which quickly encapsulate the river's difficulty, condition of access roads, surrounding terrain, and other features of the river.

Mileage charts are included which are invaluable for pinpointing location while running the river. And there's information on fishing, wildlife, seasons, water levels, boat ramps, scenic attractions and much more. All the rivers in this book can be done in an open canoe, but are also suitable for kayaks, inflatables, and drift boats.

Authors: Katherine Daly, Ron Watters
Published: 1999
Length: 286 pages