NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with LoPro's

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  • $ 160

The Angler Seat Bar has undergone an innovative evolution. The raised bar now comes with a forged Universal Seat Mount. You place the Mount exactly where you want it and set the fore/aft seat angle just how you like it.
  • The hole patterns on the seat mount can be used with the High-Back Swivel Seat or Padded Raft Seats.

  • Includes U-bolts, nuts and washers for attaching the LoPros to side rails and the Universal Seat Mount to the seat bar.

  • This seat bar is not intended for whitewater use.

  • The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting, is also high tech! Made in drop-forged aluminum alloy; it's stronger and 25% lighter than the old cast ones. Better product, same price... NRS innovation.