NRS Frame Casting Platform

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  • $ 225

Avoid balancing on that standard or air floor. Be sure-footed on with this solid Casting Platform that attaches to your NRS frame.
  • The platform is made from our 3/4" Quad-Grip marine-grade plywood. The textured laminate surface gives you excellent footing.
  • Available in two sizes, small and large, to accommodate different boat sizes.
  • Clamps with our LoPro™ Frame Fittings to an Angler Seat Bar for a custom casting location.
  • Made from hot-forged aluminum alloy for a strength-to-weight ratio that can't be beat, the LoPro is the heart of the NRS frame system.
  • The small casting platform is recommended for smaller rafts that would take a 54" wide frame or smaller.
  • The larger size platform is recommended for rafts that would take a 60" wide frame or larger.
  • The slot in the end of the platform allows you to secure the platform to a raft D-ring for even more solid footing.