NRS Frame Dry Box Mount

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The NRS Frame Dry Box Mount is an excellent accessory for suspending your dry box from the frame in your raft or cataraft.
  • The Dry Box Mount supports the bottom of the box 11" from the tops of the cross bars and prevents the cooler from swiveling and shifting.

  • The top of one side of the aluminum mount is bent to cup snugly over our 1 5/8" OD frame pipe.

  • The other side of the mount attaches to its cross bar with the NRS HD Tie Down Strap webbing that laces through the aluminum pieces, allowing adjustment for dry box width.

  • The aluminum support pieces are bent at a 90 degree angle for a supportive fit to the bottom corners of the dry box.

  • A pair of NRS 6' Loop Straps are included for holding the box firmly in place.

  • When a dry box is used as a rowing seat or for passenger seating, the NRS Dry Box Mount prevents the box from swiveling from the person's weight.