NRS PTS Stand Up Paddle

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For a tough, economical SUP paddle, look no further than the NRS PTS Stand Up Paddle. A sturdy aluminum shaft and high-impact plastic blade make the PTS a great all-around stick for recreational paddlers.
  • The strong, airplane-grade aluminum shaft and high-impact ABS plastic blade provide long-lasting durability and performance.

  • Our solid dual-pin quick-adjust coupler lets you easily adjust the paddle's length to match your height and paddling style.

  • Two paddle lengths to choose from - Short Length: 72"-81" with 4 adjustment points and Long Length: 79"-91" with 5 adjustment points.

  • These paddles break into two pieces. The 72"-81" length breaks into 56" and 34" pieces and the 79"-91" breaks into 63" and 34" pieces.

  • Ergonomic T-grip provides a comfortable, powerful top-hand position.

  • For surf or whitewater paddling, choose a paddle 8" longer than your height.

  • For touring/racing or fitness and Yoga, choose a paddle 10" longer than your height.