NRS Superston Oarlocks - 1/2" Shank

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These high-quality NRS Superston™ Oarlocks are precision turned to fit oar mounts with a 1/2" diameter opening. These oarlocks do not fit NRS Oar Mounts.
  • Our proprietary manganese bronze Superston alloy gives you amazing strength and outstanding rebound memory.

  • The 3 1/2" long shaft is turned to a 1/2" diameter and is drilled for a split ring fastener (included). They do not fit in standard NRS Oar Mounts but can be used with NRS GigBob Oar Mounts.

  • Since these 1/2" models have a smaller diameter shaft, they are not as strong as the regular 5/8" diameter models. We do not recommend them for use in whitewater or with oars over 7.5'.

  • The horn opening is 1 5/8" with a 2 3/8" inside diameter.

  • Our regular Superston Oarlocks (Item # 77407.01) have a 5/8" diameter shaft that fits in NRS Oar Mounts.

  • Sold individually as well as in pairs, so be sure to order a spare.

  • Compare the measurements under the Specs tab to those of your oar shaft to ensure a good fit with these oarlocks.