Oar Pins and Clips Sets

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The NRS Pins and Clips keep your oar blades set in the best position for a no-miss, powerful stroke. Heavy-duty components give you years of trouble-free performance.
  • Pins and Clips take the worry out of rowing your boat, even in the wildest whitewater.

  • This system is very quiet, making it great for fisherman.

  • The pins are end-threaded heavy-duty 5/8" steel, held in place with a nylon-insert lock nut.

  • A molded rubber safety bumper on top of the pin protects against injury.

  • The clip is rugged powder-coated steel for long-term durability.

  • Replaceable PVC bushings that fit on the pin give a snug, quiet fit for the pin/clip pivot point.

  • The clip is held on the oar shaft with two heavy-duty stainless steel hose clamps for a no-mar attachment.

  • Oar Stirrups, sold separately, are recommended for preventing oars from getting away if the clip pops off the pin in heavy maneuvering.

  • The 9" model has a 3 1/2" PVC bushing that orients the oar above the oar mount at approximately the same height as an open oarlock.

  • The 12" model has 1", 2" and 3 1/2" bushings, allowing you to adjust the oar height.

  • Don't forget your spare oar clip, and it's wise to carry a spare pin assembly in your repair kit.