Pocket Disc Crochet Frisbee Classic Edition

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The beauty of these amazing, crocheted flying discs is not just in their cool, bright designs. The beauty of these flying discs also lies in their simplicity and usefulness for hours of active fun, both outdoors and indoors (in the play room or recreation room). These soft fliers are lightweight, easy to stash in a pocket, and easy to throw and catch (even very young children). A great confidence builder for little ones, and lots of fun for ALL AGES. These are one of our FAVORITE, simple, natural toys! A great gift idea - children as young as 2 or 3 love to play catch with them, as do children (and adults!) in every age group. Playing frisbee is a timeless, classic sport - these crocheted flying discs bring the game to a whole new level - outdoors and indoors!

The PhD™ soft flying discs are a great value for a hand-made, fair trade toy that provides many hours of healthy, active play time, indoors & outdoors! A perfect gift idea for boys and girls of all ages. Invented by a U.S. family-owned business in North Carolina, and handmade of 100% cotton in Guatemala (mothers crochet while they watch their children play).

Flying Disc as Beret: The PhD discs also double as the coolest little berets: even the youngest children quickly figure out their double use as the classic French hat, and they often will be seen wearing the PhDs when not throwing the PhDs . . . (We first witnessed the frisbee-to-beret transformation when our 3-year-old son came out of the shower, threw off his towel, and popped a PhD flying disc on his head for a hat. Et voilá! Dressed and ready to go play frisbee.)

A great gift for indoor and outdoor play!

Available in Classic Size (slightly lighter weight for indoor and outdoor play); and Sports Edition (slightly heavier weight closer to a frisbee feel for outdoor play - but also great for indoor play.) The Classic version is a little easier for younger children to use (although either version is great). The heavier weight Sports Edition may be preferable for high school and college age kids for outdoor play and indoor play - the heavier edition is slightly larger and better suited for wind / outdoor conditions, etc. Serious frisbee/disc players may prefer the heavier weight/slightly larger size Sports Edition. Either version works great for kids and grownups of all ages.