Pyranha 9L Whitewater Kayak

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The new 9R L - for larger paddlers and those who are pushing the limits of the sport. The 9R L is far more than just a large 9R though, we've made a few feature tweaks to make this boat even more impressive. Additional volume has been carefully distributed to carry more gear, larger paddlers or blast through bigger volume features and steeper rivers. Rear grab handle has been moved to stern edge to allow comfortable lowering of the boat and easier access in bow pin situations and improved swimmer rescue situations. We've revised stern rocker to maintain lateral speed when travelling through features and slight V in rear of hull to improve tracking during forward phase and manoeuvrability during turning stokes.

The 9R L suits a paddling style with control strokes around the bow to middle of the boat, so you can make sure each one gives you power, and the speed and manoeuvrability will help you catch more eddies, make more ferry glides and punch through more holes; more importantly, the 9R L will let you enjoy paddling even more!

Pyranha 9L Whitewater Kayak Features

  • Swede Form Hull
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Wave Deflector
  • High, Roundend, Flatter Bow
  • Slight Edge
  • Release Off Stern
  • Aluminium Grab Handles
  • Stout Seat

Pyranha 9L Whitewater Kayak Specifications

Sizes: 9
Length: 8' 11"
Width: 26.7"
External Cockpit Length: 37.4"
External Cockpit Width: 20.7"
Volume: 340 L
Weight: 50lbs
Optimum Paddler Weight: 165 - 275lbs