Railblaza MiniPort TracMount

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Rigging your kayak tracks with Railblaza kayak fishing accessories is quick, easy and super versatile with the MiniPort TracMount. Even better, The MiniPort TracMount requires absolutely no tools for repositioning.
  • The MiniPort TracMount by Railblaza is designed to fit most existing tracks from both kayak manufacturers and external mounting accessory companies, including Wilderness Systems, Native Watercraft, Jackson Kayak, YakAttack, Scotty, and Yak Gear tracks. (Compatibility with FeelFree tracks coming soon.)

  • The completely tool-free operation of the MiniPort TracMount is simple! Turning the MiniPort counterclockwise will loosen the attached track nut and give you adequate slack to slide the MiniPort into your track and into position.

  • To tighten the MiniPort into place, simply turn it clockwise. The clockwise turn tightens directly in the track using the track nut included, thus securing your accessory into place.

  • The MiniPort is compatible with all Railblaza accessories.

  • Need to move your rod when landing a fish? Or adjust your camera mount to catch your big wave in to shore? Repositioning your accessory while you are on the water is a cinch, simply twist to loosen, slide, and twist back to tighten.

  • Note: The MiniPort TracMount is designed for use in light duty applications. For use when trolling, it is recommended for use on the right hand (Starboard) side of your kayak. This is so the MiniPort remains tightened when load comes on from a strike. If using on left hand (Port) side, the MiniPort will loosen when load comes on the fishing rod.