RAM-ROD 2007 Fishing Rod Holder with Single Socket for 1.5" Diameter Ball Bases

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  • $ 15.70

The RAM-ROD™ 2007 is one of the most popular rod holders for the kayak angler due to its simplicity and adjustability. You can attach it to any of the patented 1.5" RAM rubber ball mounts to get 360 degree rotation and the optimum tilt angle.
  • The RAM-ROD 2007 holds just about any bait-casting or spinning rod.
  • High-strength composite material holds up to the rough-and-tumble of your fishing adventures.
  • The base isn't included with this model, giving you the option of mating the holder to the wide variety of 1.5" RAM ball mounts.
  • The RAM ball-and-socket system allows mounts to rotate 360 degrees and adjust to the optimal angle. It also allows you to easily remove the rod holder from the mount.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Made in USA.