RAM-ROD 2007 Fly Rod Junior Rod Holder with Base

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The perfect holder for your fly rod and reel, the RAM-ROD™ 2007 Fly Rod Junior lets you precisely adjust the position and angle just where it's needed.
  • Includes the 1.5" diameter size "C" rubber ball base. Base is 2" x 2.5", with a hole pattern of 1.5" x 2".
  • Mount the base to any horizontal or vertical surface and attach the holder socket on the ball.
  • Place the reel in the holder, then close the latch to securely lock it in place.
  • The latch can fit on either side of the holder, to accommodate right- or left-handed reels.
  • By loosening the socket knob you can rotate and tilt the rod to the perfect position.
  • Made of high-strength composite material, the Fly Rod Junior is good-to-go for your most rugged fishing adventures!