Sawyer Square Top DyneLite Oar with Wrap & Stop

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The extremely light, smooth-rowing Sawyer SquareTop™ Oar has been proven in challenging whitewater. A direct descendent of Sawyer's wooden oars, you'll love rowing this updated classic.
  • The SquareTop Oar combines the best features of time-tested wooden oars and modern composite technology. It's light, responsive, and it floats.
  • The wooden shaft features the same laminated construction that has made Sawyer Light™ oars the first choice of professional dory and drift boat guides.
  • Progressive Flex™ design delivers a natural feeling and positive rebound by way of a strategically tapered shaft.
  • The solid laminated Douglas Fir piece of wood extending the full length of the oar gives you a tough, yet flexible, oar.
  • The thicker square top forms a natural counterweight to balance out the oar's swing weight.
  • A carbon-fiber composite braid extends from the square top down to the DyneLite™ Blade. The blade is not removable.
  • The carbon-fiber braid allows a smaller diameter, lighter shaft to have the strength of a much thicker, heavier oar.
  • A wood core and carbon fiber overlay give the DyneLite blade an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Dynel/Kevlar ProTip is super abrasion resistant and protective.