Sawyer Wide DyneLite Oar Blade

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The tough, lightweight Sawyer 7" Wide DyneLite™ Blade enters the water cleanly and gives you a powerful stroke. A fishermen's favorite.
  • The redesigned Douglas Fir wood core has a thicker taper from the shoulder of the blade to the tip of the blade for outstanding strength while keeping weight down.

  • Six layers of tough unidirectional carbon fiber skin covers the wood core for a thin, no-flex profile.

  • Two outer layers of fiberglass, with a refined glossy finish complete the blade's protective coating.

  • Sawyer guards the edges of the blade with abrasion-resistant Dynel™ material to repel nicks and shark bites.

  • The blade tip has a 1" wide wrap-around Dynel and Kevlar® ProTip band to battle rocks.

  • The thin profile ensures a smooth, quiet entry that fishermen love.

  • At only 2.8 pounds, this blade reduces the oar's swing weight to help prevent rowing fatigue.

  • Blade fits in 1 5/8" inner diameter Sawyer, Cataract and Carlisle oar shafts and secures with the Sawyer aluminum Tite-Set locking peg.