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River and Wake Surf SUP

Jason Zawadzki
Nick Zawadzki

Welcome to the SCUD SQUAD!   This river SUP Surfboard is an Armalight ultra-durable paddleboard that breaks new ground.  

  • Super Durable (Armalight shallow water construction). *Our extra Lightweight Pro Construction available upon request, depending on availability. -retail pricing is the same.
  • Bottom contours create a fast board that rides high out of the water giving the board a deceptively fast and fun ride.
  • Ultra-durable fin boxes with a shock absorbing inner insert, these boxes are way stronger than your typical FCS or Futures.
  • High volume and soft/forgiving front end rails allow such a short board to be paddled into waves and across eddies much easier than other short SUP's.

Plenty of short surfing Paddle Boards have been built before... The unique bottom contours, rail outline, rocker and extreme "paddle friendly" floatation set this board apart.  

This board excels in shallow waters (areas where your board will meet rocks), holes, and waves that require a shorter board.   

Coming in at over 180L means that unlike other extra short surfing paddle boards, you can ride into waves standing up.     No going in on your knees...

Great for beginners to pro riders.

 "I personally weight around 200lbs, and much more than that when I'm all geared up with a wet wetsuit, life jacket and helmet.  I wanted a high-performance board that I could paddle into waves and across eddies standing up.  This board will fit into holes and waves and perform great where other SUP's will not" ~Jason 

If you are a looking for a lighter, lower volume and insanely fast version of the SCUD, contact us and request information about our new DR SCUD.  -The DR stands for Drop Rails...   

Surfing is a quiver sport.  Much depends on rider weight, wave conditions, entrance and exit into and out of a wave and the flow speed of the water.


  • Vent/Handle System: 2018 Models come with a custom Hydrus Carbon Fiber Handle with Self-Regulating Gore-Tex Vent
  • Fin System: ProBox Boxes with 4.5" Tri-Fins
  • Traction: Custom Hydrus Traction Pad
  • Construction: USA Hand Made in Eagle Idaho. Proprietary ArmalightComposite / Fusion EPS Construction