Smith Dover Sunglasses with ChromaPop Lenses

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Designed for the active adventurer, the Dover is an essential piece of gear to pack before embarking on your journey. Superb coverage and Smith's patented ChromaPop technology creates outstanding clarity and protection.
  • ChromaPop optimizes color and increases clarity, enabling you to see the outside world with an unparalled level of vibrance. Check out the video link here on the page to really see the difference it makes.

  • Smith TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) lenses are optically corrected to maximize visual clarity and are the most impact resistant you can buy.

  • Trivex™, the material the lens are made from, is actually more clear than glass, for even greater visual quality.

  • Patented film-free polarization coating is bonded to the lens without adhesives. This process eliminates the potential cracking, crazing and delamination associated with other polarized lenses.

  • Polarized lenses reduce the effects of the sun's glare on water and snow, making these shades great for paddling, fishing, skiing and snowboarding.

  • 8 base curve lenses wrap wide for great peripheral vision.

  • Tough and light Evolve™ frames are constructed with over 50% bio-based materials.

  • Vacuum applied anti-reflective coatings on the front and back side of the lens eliminate bothersome sidelight reflections.

  • There are coatings on the lenses that repel moisture, grease, and grime. Water will bead up and disperse without streaking and smudges from fingerprints are wiped clean easily.

  • The Megol nose and temple pads gently grip your skin to help keep your Smith frames in place. The gripping power increases when introduced to moisture.

  • Small springs within the hinge structure keep the temples snug against your head, self adjusting to fit a broader range of head shapes and sizes more comfortably.

  • 100% UVA/B/C protection shields your eyes from harmful rays.

  • Black frames feature ChromaPop Polarized Gray Green lenses.

  • Havana frames feature ChromaPop Polarized Brown lenses.

  • Medium fit / Medium-Large coverage.