Adjustable Paddle - Tough Blade Performance

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Tough Blade Performance Adjustable Paddle

The Tough Blade Paddle is durable enough for rivers, it's also lightweight and high performing.  

We use a hollow core technology and we can use the weight savings to add more layers of our blended composites technology resulting in a much stronger and better-performing carbon fiber / aerospace composite paddle.

  • Our Dual Compression-Lever Adjustable System allows for quick adjustments based on rider height, riding style, and personal preference.
  • Our blade shape is engineered to have the perfect angels, catch and curves for the most efficient stroke and smoothest paddle release possible - a difference you are sure to notice.   It feels really smooth in the water!
  • Blade size is medium to large.  We prefer fast and efficient, so we have found this paddles size and shape to be perfect for nearly all paddlers especially those who want to go fast!


Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

  • 3 piece construction allows the paddle to break down to only 3 feet in length in order to easily stow inside a car or backpack (perfect for Inflatable SUPS)