Werner Churchill Canoe Paddle

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  • $ 189

The Werner Churchill Canoe Paddle's unique blade shape and light swing weight allows for a higher cadence stroke. Moving a loaded boat has never felt so good.
  • The rugged Performance fiberglass blade is highly abrasion and impact resistant for long life and performance.
  • The long, rectangular, slender blade is easier on the body. You can maintain an easy touring pace all day long or ramp it up for your fitness paddles.
  • The dihedral ridge down the middle of the power face gives you smooth and stable forward paddling.
  • There's a 10 degree shaft-to-blade offset that keeps the blade more vertical through the power phase of the stroke. This benefits your forward paddling, but still allows for smooth turning and control strokes.
  • The fiberglass blade is paired with a carbon-blend shaft for a combination that gives great performance at a value price.
  • The comfortable, high-impact ABS plastic palm grip is shaped to allow your fingers to stay relaxed.