Werner Kids Flash 85 Family Adjustable SUP Paddle

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  • $ 119

A perfectly priced paddle, with a perfectly designed size for the SUP shredder-in-training.
  • The Family Adjustable Flash utilizes Werner's proven Lever Lock™ adjustable system, offering a full 16" of height range.

  • The Flash 85 is sized specifically for your favorite youth paddler and will expand to fit from 3'8" to 5' tall (all paddlers approximately 5 to 13 years of age).

  • In addition to the already easy to use Lever Lock system, both height and length measurements are printed right on the shaft to help your youngster properly adjust the paddle to fit their needs.

  • This standard performance paddle is a smaller version of the tried-and-true Vibe SUP paddle.

  • Werner's long slender rectangular blade shape is far and away the most gentle on the body with a softer feel and higher cadence without having to sacrifice blade surface area.