Werner Pack-Tour M 4 Piece Adjustable Pack Raft Paddle

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  • $ 335

The Pack-Tour M is born from the versatile needs of pack raft paddlers. The four-piece design easily breaks down to stow away when your pack raft is deflated and your journey finds you back on your feet
  • The adjustable shaft system allows for on-the-go length changes for the variety of conditions you'll face on the trail.

  • The Pack-Tour M is the paddle for those looking to charge open water and tighter moving water streams and rivers.

  • Premium Performance gives you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability.

  • Designed with the pack rafter in mind, when counting ounces is crucial, the fiberglass blades and carbon shaft keep weight to a minimum.

  • The light swing weight and impact resistance helps to accommodate both open water and moving water paddling. However, the Pack-Tour M does not parallel the strength of a whitewater paddle.