Werner Powerhouse 4 Piece Paddle 30 Degree

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  • $ 300

The Werner Powerhouse 4 Piece Paddle lets you bring bomber reliability on the plane or stow it in your boat for safety. Like other Powerhouse Paddles, the 4 Piece delivers the same power and responsiveness needed for big creeks and river running.
  • Full-size blades are evenly balanced for a clean, powerful catch and a strong, smooth stroke. Ideal for well-conditioned paddlers charging big rivers and creeks.
  • 30° blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance.
  • Optimized flex and strength. Designed for your body to feel strain free without giving up Werner's Bomber reliability.
  • Premium fiberglass blade and shaft construction provides lightweight responsiveness and durability.
  • The four-piece Powerhouse breaks down to easily packable sizes for a back-up or travel paddle.
  • The center ferrule (joint) is a traditional stainless steel button system and the shaft to paddle joint is a stainless steel button system for an easy secure fit.