WRSI Animas Knee/Shin Pads

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Stomp downriver SUP runs without shredding your knees and shins. Designed for stand up paddlers running lower-volume rivers, WRSI Animas SUP Pads protect your legs from scrapes and bruises without limiting your flexibility or shifting out of place.
  • Floating, flexible E3T™ memory foam pads cushion the blows, and the articulated design is specially tuned for a comfortable stance.

  • A stretchy neoprene wrap shields your leg from above the knee to the lower calf.

  • Extra padding protects common problem areas, including the sides of the knee.

  • Ballistic nylon material protects the foam pads from scrapes and gouges.

  • Three hook-and-loop closures comfortably secure the pad, and two adjustable elastic straps lock it in place.

  • Silicone grip at the top of the pad adds an extra element of security.

  • Save skin and bone; let the Animas Pads help you push your paddling skills without paying too high a price.